Palestinian Supporters Continue to Call Terrorists ‘Innocent Civilians’

It’s everywhere: the Palestinian propaganda the mainstream world media picks up on a daily basis.

The poor Palestinians, the innocent casualties, ignoring the human shield method that Hamas employs and demonizing Israel for having less casualties, a fact easily explained by the IDF’s mission to protect Israelis, rather than purposely putting them in the line of fire.

And still, there are too many Israeli casualties...


Evening photo: Train in Scotland

The Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland. By Ekaterine Chialashvili from London. From the UK Telegraph weekly photo contest collection.


MERS virus detected in air samples from Saudi camel barn

A Saudi wears a mask as he leads camels at his farm on May 12, 2014 outside Riyadh (AFP Photo/Fayez Nureldine)

(Reuters) - Saudi scientists have found gene fragments of the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus in air from a barn housing an infected camel and say this suggests the disease may be transmitted through the air.

MERS, a serious respiratory illness caused by a virus known as a coronavirus (CoV), has infected at least 850 people since it first emerged two years ago and killed at least 327 of them, according to latest figures from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

The vast majority of human cases have been in Saudi Arabia, but isolated MERS cases have been reported across Europe and in Asia and the United States in people linked who have recently traveled in the Middle East.

Scientists are not sure of the origin of the virus, but several studies have linked it to camels and some experts think it is being passed to humans through close physical contact or through the consumption of camel meat or camel milk...


Elder of Ziyon: UNHRC head Navi Pillay pretends to be even handed as she bashes Israel

Yesterday was another day of insane, hate filled, anti-Israel vitriol at the UN Human Right Council, in a special meeting convened purely for the purpose of slandering Israel.

Forgetting the one-sided, slanderous accusations of many of the members of the UNHRC, let's look at what Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - someone who has an obligation to be fair - had to say...


Pro-Palestinian protesters, Israeli soccer players brawl in Austria

A pre-season soccer match between Maccabi Haifa and French club Lille, held in Austria, had to be abandoned on Wednesday when a small group of pro-Palestinian activists invaded the pitch, according to a post on the Sportige website.


Cafe in Belgium: Dogs Allowed, Jews Are Not

Sign in cafe Belgian cafe reads: “Dogs are allowed inside, Jews are not.” Photo: Screenshot/Yediot.

The Belgian League Against Antisemitism (LBCA) filed a complaint on Wednesday with the mayor of Saint-Nicolas, Jacques Heleven, against the proprietors of a cafe that hung up a sign banning Jews from entering the establishment, Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot reported.

According to Yediot, the owners of the cafe are likely to have Turkish origins.

The objection was lodged in accordance with a 1981 Belgian law banning acts of a xenophobic or racist nature.

The sign read, “Dogs are permitted to enter this establishment but Jews are not under any circumstances.” A French version of the text replaces “Jews” with “Zionists.”

The window display also included a Palestinian flag, an Israeli flag crossed out with a red “X”, and two Palestinian kaffiehs hanging alongside.


Arizona Takes Nearly 2 Hours to Execute Inmate

In another unexpectedly prolonged execution using disputed lethal injection drugs, a condemned Arizona prisoner on Wednesday repeatedly gasped for one hour and 40 minutes, according to witnesses, before dying at the Arizona state prison.


#FirstWorldProblems UK:Why calling women anything other than their first name at work is almost always sexist

Don’t call me babe. Don't call me feisty. In fact, in professional situations, can we just stick to my name?

I took umbrage reading the often sexist media coverage of the cabinet reshuffle's new front line of female MPs women, but what really got my goat, so to speak, was when Spectator blogger Melanie McDonagh described one, Pritti Patel, as “feisty.”

Forthright and strong she may be, but, much like calling someone “bossy,” feisty is one of those uniquely patronising descriptors usually only levied at women, which suggest she needs in some way, to pipe down - in other words, to know her place...


NYT defends ISIS: Life in capital of a caliphate: harsh rule, but a level of order, few remaining Christians pay a ‘minority tax’

A church in Raqqa, Syria: the cross has been removed and replaced by the black flag of jihad. This photo did not accompany the article

RAQQA, Syria — When his factory was bombed in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, the businessman considered two bleak options: to remain at home and risk dying in the next airstrike or flee like hundreds of thousands of others to a refugee camp in Turkey.

Instead, he took his remaining cash east and moved to a neighboring city, Raqqa, the de facto capital of the world’s fastest growing jihadist force. There he found a degree of order and security absent in other parts of Syria.

“The fighting in Syria will continue, so we have to live our lives,” said the businessman, who gave only a first name, Qadri, as he oversaw a dozen workers in his new children’s clothing factory in Raqqa.

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The Case For Israel

h/t TF


Christian sentenced by Iranian judge to have his lips burnt with a cigarette for eating during Ramadan

An Iranian judge sentenced a Christian man to have his lips burnt with a cigarette for eating during the day in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The barbaric punishment was carried out in public in a square in the city of Kermanshah.

Five other Muslim men were also flogged in public with 70 lashes for not fasting during Ramadan, the city's deputy governor Ali Ashraf Karami said.

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Mount Helix, California: Tuberculosis at La Mesa Middle School prompts free screening

Someone -- it was unclear whether a student or employee -- at La Mesa Middle School contracted tuberculosis between April 23 and June 13 and county health officials are offering free screening at the school Wednesday, July 23.

Officials are concerned that others may have been infected with the highly contractable disease.

The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency is working closely with school officials to notify individuals who were possibly exposed to TB.

The period of potential exposure is from April 23 to June 13, official said.

Free testing for students who may have been exposed will take place July 23 at the school, 4200 Park Avenue in La Mesa...


30,000 attend Jerusalem funeral of lone, US-born soldier

Parents, siblings and friends of IDF lone soldier Max Steinberg, killed in Gaza, follow his coffin to the burial on Mount Herzl on Wednesday morning, June 23 (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash 90)

They arrived by the thousands for Max Steinberg’s funeral. In flip-flops and tank tops, dressed in youth movement uniforms and army unit T-shirts, with yarmulkes and hats, bareheaded and with sunglasses, they filed in to the cemetery at Mount Herzl, standing in uncharacteristic silence under the hot sun to pay their respects.

“We’re here to give the family the feeling that we’re with them,” said Nirit Friedlander, a Jerusalemite who came with two friends. “They should feel that we’re holding them.”

“He’s a lone soldier,” said Yisrael Schwartz, another local. “He’s part of us.”

It was the sentiment voiced by everyone who spoke at the hour-and-a-half-long funeral.

Steinberg, 24, a sharpshooter in the Golani Brigade, was one of 13 soldiers killed on day 13 of Operation Protective Edge, in heavy fighting in the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza City...


US: The plot against merit

Stuyvesant High School, the crown jewel of New York City’s eight “specialized high schools,” has produced four Nobel Prize winners

New York’s specialized high schools, including Stuyvesant and the equally storied Bronx High School of Science, along with Brooklyn Technical High School and five smaller schools, have produced 14 Nobel Laureates—more than most countries.

For more than 70 years, admission to these schools has been based upon a competitive examination of math, verbal, and logical reasoning skills.

In 1971, the state legislature, heading off city efforts to scrap the merit selection test as culturally biased against minorities, reaffirmed that admission to the schools be based on the competitive exam. (See “How Gotham’s Elite High Schools Escaped the Leveler’s Ax,” Spring 1999.)

But now, troubled by declining black and Hispanic enrollment at the schools, opponents of the exam have resurfaced. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund has filed a civil rights complaint challenging the admissions process.

A bill in Albany to eliminate the test requirement has garnered the support of Sheldon Silver, the powerful Assembly Speaker.

And new New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, whose son, Dante, attends Brooklyn Tech, has called for changing the admissions criteria.

The mayor argues that relying solely on the test creates a “rich-get-richer” dynamic that benefits the wealthy, who can afford expensive test preparation.

...It’s not affluent whites, but rather the city’s burgeoning population of Asian-American immigrants—a group that, despite its successes, remains disproportionately poor and working-class—whose children have aced the exam in overwhelming numbers...


Hate Speech? A writer in southern California wonders

A week or so ago I wrote that I thought the current occupant of the White House should be impeached. I received many comments about that, but a couple of them really disturbed me. The comments said what I wrote was “hate speech.”

I thought what I wrote was “free speech.”
Do I open that can of worms about “race?” Do I need to do that? I have to say I’m tired of being called a racist because I disagree with Mr. Obama or the illustrious attorney general, Mr. Holder. In fact, I take great umbrage at them and others calling me that, because I don’t like what they are doing and I vote most often as a … non-committed voter.

I find it childish and immature that when someone states a view contrary to what those two gentlemen think, you become either a “racist” or a “hater”...


Can Muslim Brotherhood Wives Beat their Husbands? Calling Dr. Jamal Badawi

Can a Muslim wife become involved in husband beating?

Muslim Brotherhood husbands can beat their wives, at least according to Dr. Jamal Badawi who lives in Canada. He does say that this must be seen as a rare exception. The question that needs to be asked to Dr. Badawi is "Can a woman married to a Muslim Brotherhood husband beat him?


Tunnel attack fears turn Gaza border kibbutzim into ghost towns

Gas deployed by the Israeli army gushes out of a hole in a tunnel, which was used by Hamas militants in an attack on July 21, during an operation to search for tunnels dug by the Palestinian militants, just outside the Gaza Strip July 22, 2014.

(Reuters) - “Residents stay in your homes! Do not go outside!” read the text message sent at dawn to the Israelis living on a kibbutz near the Gaza border, as soldiers searched the grounds for Palestinian gunmen.

While the Nir Am kibbutz was under lockdown on Monday, a deadly battle ensued between the Israeli troops and a squad of Gaza militants, who had tunneled their way across the border and emerged about a mile away from the farm community.

Israel said it killed 10 gunmen in the battle. The military said some were wearing Israeli army uniform and were equipped with explosive belts. Four Israeli soldiers, including the commanding officer, died in the fight.

“The threat of a mortar bomb is nothing compared to a militant force of 10 men coming into our community to carry out a massacre,” said Shaike Shaked, one of the founders of a nearby Israeli agricultural community, Netiv Haasara...


Those warm fuzzy feelings at Ramadan: Saudi cousins lashed for ‘exchanging insults’ on Whatsapp

The Criminal Court in the city of Jeddah sentenced two Saudi women to 10 days in jail and 20 lashes each for exchanging insults via text and WhatsApp messages, Okaz daily reported Tuesday.

One of the women had filed a lawsuit against her maternal cousin, accusing her of sending insulting messages and of distorting her reputation, the daily said.

The judge urged both women to reflect on their behavior, and to consider their family ties as well as the holy month of Ramadan.

When they both refused to reconcile, the judge passed sentence and made them pledge not to harm one another verbally or physically.

The women are appealing the verdict, and must do so within 30 days.


B'nai Brith: Stop the Pro-Hamas Rally in Toronto!

You can do more than just worry, you can help stop hatred from manifesting itself on the streets of Toronto. If you mobilize your friends and family to take immediate action, we can avoid the shouts of "kill the Jews" and "Hitler was right" that have plagued Europe and now Calgary, but you must act before it is too late.

This Saturday, July 26th, the annual "Al-Quds Day" rally is scheduled to take place on the grounds of Queen's Park in downtown Toronto. This yearly Iranian-sponsored hate-fest is used for the express purpose of supporting Hamas and blaming Jews worldwide for problems across the globe. With rallies across Europe — and now Mississauga and Calgary — often devolving in to violent, antisemitic outbursts and outright attacks on the Jewish Community, it is time to let police and our politicians know that radicalization can not be tolerated on Canadian streets.

Please take a few moments to contact Ontario Legislative Assembly Speaker Dave Levac and Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair to let them know that Canadian streets, parks and government grounds must not be used to preach hate.

Speaker Dave Levac:

Office of the Police Chief:
Phone: 416-808-8000
Fax: 416-808-8002


At least it’s not a china shop

A bull stands inside a shop selling clothes at Varanasi, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, June 20, 2014. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui


Kuwaiti Cleric Suwaidan: Do Not Agree to Ceasefire until They Bow Before Us, We Must Erase Israel


انیمیشن دلاوران ناجا؛ قسمت اول: بشقاب‌های شیطان


US: Presbyterian Church slams Israel —- ignores Christian persecution

A Baghdad church bombing at Christmas, 2013

Days before the recent Israel/Hamas conflict erupted, the Presbyterian Church in America withdrew $21 million worth in investments from Israel because, as spokesman Heath Rada put it, the Israeli government’s actions “harm the Palestinian people.”

Soon after, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and was asked if he was “troubled” by the Presbyterian Church’s move.
If the Presbyterian Church has problems with governments that persecute people—in this case, the Israeli government’s purported treatment of Palestinians, hence the Presbyterian Church’s divestment from Israel—perhaps it should begin by criticizing its own government’s proxy war on fellow Christians in the Middle East...


Fuel tanks hit in clashes near Libyan airport

Smoke rises near oil tanks after heavy fighting between rival militias broke out near the airport in Tripoli July 23, 2014.

Fuel storage tanks that supply Tripoli were hit on Wednesday in clashes between rival Libyan militias, igniting a huge blaze near the international airport.

More than 40 people have been killed in some of the worst violence in the capital since the 2011 war that ousted Muammar Gaddafi, as rival brigades of former fighters battle with rockets and mortars for control of the airport.

Firefighters used foam spray to douse the flames at the fuel storage facility, bringing the blaze under control. Officials said only a semi-full tank had been hit by a shell.

Tripoli and the eastern city of Benghazi have faced days of heavy street fighting among armed brigades and militias who once battled Gaddafi and now want to claim what they see as their rightful share of power in post-war Libya...


Eyes on Gaza, tensions flare in Brooklyn -- NYT picks a ‘balanced’ episode where Jews attack Muslims

The imam Ayub Abdul-Baqi joined other religious and political leaders at the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge on Tuesday. Credit Michael Nagle for The New York Times

The worshipers, young and old, converged on mosques in Brooklyn this weekend, seeking olive green rugs on which to rest their knees, and pray. One week before the end of Ramadan, prayers rebounded off the walls with even more fervor than usual.

Then, Muslim leaders say, rancor that may have stemmed from the destruction in Gaza marred gatherings bookending two daily Ramadan fasts, reigniting tensions in a community where news of hostility in the Middle East tends to rattle both Muslims and Jews.

On Friday evening, outside a prayer gathering preceding the nightly meal, men in a white Lexus flung eggs at three elderly worshipers entering a mosque on Coney Island Avenue. “This is for your Allah!” the vandals shouted.

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NYT’s lame coverage on the protests in France: Israel’s Gaza Incursion Sets Off Protests in Europe

A restaurant in Sarcelles, a Paris suburb, was damaged during protests against Israel's Gaza offensive. This is only photo accompanying the article. There are two videos, neither about the protests.Credit Miguel Medina/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

PARIS — The conflict between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza is spilling into the streets of dozens of cities in Europe, as thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters have depicted Israel as the aggressor and sought to isolate it internationally.

Thousands of demonstrators gathered over the past several days in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam and other European cities in mostly peaceful expressions of support for Palestinians in Gaza, where Israel has carried out a 14-day offensive aimed at stopping rocket fire and closing tunnels used to infiltrate fighters into Israel.

In addition to the large number of Palestinian casualties, the conflict has also resulted in the deaths of 20 Israelis, almost all of them soldiers.

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TTC - The Better Way To Run Red's

A lucky woman escapes injury...


Feds overhaul gun laws with new 'common sense' firearms act

The act, if passed, will limit the powers of provincial Chief Firearms Officers, make all firearm licenses possession-and-acquisition (PAL) licenses, make it easier for legal gun owners to transport restricted firearms around their home province, provide a grace period to renew expired gun licences, make the gun safety course mandatory for new shooters, and strengthen gun ownership prohibition orders for convicted domestic abusers.


Israel protest double standards

According to a United Nations report, in just a couple of weeks in June ISIS killed more than 1,000 Iraqi civilians and wounded another thousand.

This is not an easily contained situation. It could greatly expand. And with it expands the harm to civilians.

Yet few Canadians have taken to the streets over this. The only reported anti-ISIS protest was a Shia group in Calgary (ISIS is Sunni). Strange given that we consider ourselves citizens of the world and tend to protest every chance we get.

Canadian Muslims haven't been rising up to oppose this use of their religion to slaughter thousands and impose harsh, misogynistic laws against millions.


From Today's Gaza March In France

Live Twitter Stream


‘Moral idiots’ from Code Pink disrupt Israeli Ambassador’s speech at CUFI gala

Photo of a member of the repulsive group Code Pink

Last night, Christians United for Israel (CUFI) held their ninth annual Night to Honor Israel gala. This was the kickoff event for the Christian Zionist group’s Washington Summit held at the DC convention Center.

More than 5,000 were in the audience, composed of CUFI delegates, honored speakers and guests.
Last night, hecklers from Code Pink somehow entered the Convention Center heckling Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer’s stem winding speech near the close of the two hour event.

They shouted “war Criminal!”  Dermer, not missing a beat, referred to the hecklers as “moral idiots.” That led to loud cheers of “Israel, Israel” by the CUFI audience...

h/t Marvin


Heather Mallick: Why Conservatives dislike foreign nannies

...Harper does want women to stay home, that is, if their home is the Philippines. But Canadians disagree. No immigrants are more warmly welcomed than the women who come here to take care of Canadian children while both parents go out to work. Suggest ending the live-in caregiver program — the LCP as the government calls it and I won’t — and parents get that wild-eyed look. Sell the pets, sell the jewels, but let’s keep Divina, the children happily do her bidding.
Instead Canada wants skilled immigrants with an emotional investment in the country in which they want their children to prosper. Nannies are well-educated hard-working people with ambition. You couldn’t find more worthy immigrants.

* * *
1) We have been through this before. Unskilled immigrants are self-perpetuating cycle. After only two years, the nannies can apply for resident status, and then soon, they bring their whole family too. Even if they are fine people (and many or most likely are), one thing is clear: their children will not be interested in low-paying jobs anymore than any other Canadian.  So it we need more unskilled immigrants and we are rapidly on our way to population replacement.

2) No one needs nannies.  Give me a break.  I brought up two kids on my own while working full time without any help from anyone (including their father).

For toddlers, many Canadian women are willing to babysit one or two in their own homes.  It worked fine for me.  Once they get a bit older, there is daycare.  That too, worked fine for me.

Once they are in school, many women are happy to earn some extra money by taking in children for those hours after schools ends and before you get home.  That took, worked fine for me.

My children are now grown and doing very well, please and thank-you, so do not tell me that daycare and babysitters are evil. 

3) What people like nannies for is that they will do housework and cooking too.  In other words the same old story: hard work for low wages. 

If you want a nanny, either take the road that I did, or hire a Canadian and pay them more.

4) This is simply something new, like TFWs, in order to pay lower wages.

I was very familiar with the life of the working mother in my day (approximately 1982-1989).  And no one I knew had a nanny because they were too expensive.  It was regarded as something for the wealthy.


Hamas likens Netanyahu to Hitler on CNN

A Hamas spokesperson spoke to CNN Tuesday evening and likened Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler. He compared the current Israeli ground operation in the Gaza Strip to the Nazi campaign to eradicate the Jewish people.

Speaking to Wolf Blitzer from Doha, Qatar, about the FAA’s decision to cancel US flights to Israel after a rocket fired from Gaza exploded near Ben Gurion International Airport, spokesperson Osama Hamdan told the American news anchor that Netanyahu “lost his morals” and is “reflecting a new image for Hitler and the Nazist army.”

Israeli troops, he charged, “are acting in the same way [as the Nazis], killing the Palestinians just because they are Palestinians, like what Hitler was doing in the last century.”

Hamdan neglected to mention that under Hitler’s orders, Nazi Germany exterminated 6 million Jews.

CNN noted that the Hamas spokesman didn’t answer Blitzer’s inquiry as to whether the Islamist organization is deliberately targeting Ben Gurion International Airport.


MH17: five of the most bizarre conspiracy theories

I do not usually recommend The Guardian for anything but laughing at, but this is worth checking out.


If Alberta restaurants can’t find workers, they should pay more

From the moment Ottawa clamped down on the use of temporary foreign workers by restaurants, we’ve heard dire warnings, especially from Alberta, that many businesses will be forced to shut down because they are unable to find workers. The counter-argument to that has always been: Why don’t you pay more, then?


Thornhill Transit Shelter Adorned With Fuck Israel Grafitti

I'm sure Bernie will apologize for this.

Antisemitic Vandalism Strikes Thornhill

July 23, 2014, TORONTO — B’nai Brith Canada is condemning a cowardly act of vandalism in the heart of Canada’s largest Jewish community of Thornhill that saw Nazi symbols and anti-Israel profanity spray painted on a bus shelter. 

“As the organization that has tracked antisemitism in Canada for the past 30 years, we are extremely concerned by the recent rash of incidents and outright attacks on Jews across the country,” said Frank Dimant. “Thornhill is home to Canada’s largest Jewish community, and the site of the vandalism is mere steps away from the largest congregation in the country. We call on any members of the community who may have seen something or have additional information to immediately call York Regional Police and our Anti-Hate Hotline at 1-800-892-BNAI [2624] so that the perpetrators of this crime may be apprehended and punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Pat Condell Takes on Hamas vs Jews in Gaza

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RCMP charge Alleged Canadian for joining Muslim Terrorists in Syria

“On July 17, 2014, the RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) in British Columbia charged Hasibullah Yusufzai, age 25, a resident of Burnaby, British Columbia, for leaving Canada to take part in terrorist activity,” Corporal David Falls said.


Canadians For Israel Rally - Sunday July 27th 2:00 PM Queen's Park

Details in the flyer.

They said bring something inspiring!


Oil smuggling finances Islamic State’s new ‘caliphate’ -- at least until they can get the tourist numbers up!

Islamic State militants seized four small oilfields when they swept through north Iraq last month and are now selling crude oil and gasoline from them to finance their newly declared “caliphate.”

Near the northern city of Mosul, the Islamic State has taken over the Najma and Qayara fields, while further south near Tikrit it overran the Himreen and Ajil fields during its two-day sweep through northern Iraq in mid-June.

The oilfields in Islamic State hands are modest compared to Iraq’s giant fields near Kirkuk and Basra, which are under Kurdish and central government control. Most of the Islamic State-held oil wells - estimated by a Kurdish official to number around 80 - are sealed and not pumping.

But the monopoly over fuel in the territory it has captured gives the Islamic State leverage over other armed Sunni factions who could threaten its dominance in northern Iraq.

Iraqi officials say that in recent weeks the group has transported oil from Qayara to be processed by mobile refineries in Syria into low quality gasoil and gasoline, then brought back for sale in Mosul, a city of 2 million people.

Larger shipments of crude, some of them from Najma, are also sold via smugglers to Turkish traders at vastly discounted prices of around $25 per barrel, they said...

* * *
I am beginning to think that despite how ridiculous this “caliphate” sounds, they do have something al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan never had: oil and gas.

Actually Afghanistan is not devoid of resources either - it even has some oil itself. Yet al-Qaeda and Taliban did not seem to be able to exploit this.

The fields are undeveloped but still - ISIS seems to be somehow - what is the word - more plugged into how the modern world economy works.   I do not think it will be an easy task to dislodge them from the areas they have taken.

Can they spread further?  I doubt they can move far into the Shia south of Iraq.  The Shiites have militias too.

But they are harassing the Kurds.  If the West wanted to arm anyone now, it would not be questionable “rebels” in Syria, but the Iraqi Kurds.

See an interview with the Kurdish commander of the Kirkuk subdistrict for the Iraqi federal police here.


Chow Fade Update: Olivia Chow, John Tory, Rob Ford in statistical tie #topoli

Toronto’s election is a dead heat between Olivia Chow, John Tory and Rob Ford, the latest poll suggests,

The Forum poll is the second consecutive poll that has suggested a Chow decline relative to her competitors. Until July, she had led comfortably in every poll for three months. Until this poll, she had not once been under 31 per cent in any Forum poll conducted since the election began in January.

Election Day is October 27, just over three months away. The Monday poll sampled 1,063 residents.


Jihadists organize tours, honeymoons in their Syria, Iraq ‘caliphate’

Militant Islamist fighters parade on military vehicles along the streets of northern Raqqa province June 30, 2014. REUTERS Photo

Known for kidnapping, public stonings, lashings and executions, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), who had recently renamed itself as the Islamic State (IS), is now expanding into tourism, taking jihadists on honeymoon and civilians to visit other parts of its “caliphate.”

Running twice-weekly tours from Syria’s Raqa to Iraq's Anbar, IS’s buses fly the group’s black flag and play jihadist songs throughout the journey.

One of the first clients was Chechen jihadist Abu Abdel Rahman al-Shishani, aged 26, who took his new Syrian wife on honeymoon, according to activist Hadi Salameh.

“Just after they got married, he took her to Anbar. These jihadists are very romantic,” Salameh joked.

But the two weren’t able to sit together, because “women sit in the back, and men at the front. The bus driver plays jihadist songs all through the ride, and the IS black flag flies over the bus”...

* * *
Well, there you go, dear readers!

Perfect for a vacay to get away from those wretched Canadian winters!  I wonder if you can book online?  What wife would not appreciate sitting at the back of the bus and listening to jihad music?  It sounds very romantic to me!


Hamas' targeting of Israeli civilians continues


Jim Goad: 8 Forgotten Otherkin

Jim Goad writes:

That’s why I’m here to help. In our tireless quest to corral those who are different from us into one big community where in reality nobody thinks differently than anybody else for fear of perpetual ostracism and group shaming, we often exclude those who are so different that even those who are tremendously different don’t want to touch them.

Here are eight types of otherkin that often escape notice because everyone’s too busy patting dragonkin and dolphinkin on the back...


Times of Israel live blog: Int’l airlines cancel 160 flights; Thai worker killed by shell

Mourners at the funeral for Max Steinberg in Jerusalem Wednesday, July 23, 2014. (photo credit: Jessica Steinberg/Times of Israel)

The IDF death toll is at 29, with another soldier MIA presumed dead and claimed by Hamas to be in their hands (dead or alive).

US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon are in the region, but a ceasefire does not appear close.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the operation will continue until sustained quiet is achieved for Israel and Hamas’s terrorist capabilities greatly degraded.

Some foreign airlines are suspending flights to Israel after a rocket hit a home near the airport.

IDF-Hamas fighting in Gaza remains intensive, Hamas is still trying to carry out attacks in Israel through tunnels, and rockets are still being fired.

Live blog for Wednesday, July 23


Parts of Chinese city quarantined as resident dies of bubonic plague after being bitten by rodent

Chinese officials have sealed off large parts of a city after a resident who was bitten by a rodent died of bubonic plague.

The 38-year-old victim from the city of Yumen in Gansu province was infected by a marmot, a wild rodent, last week. Reports suggested the marmot was already dead but he chopped it up and fed it to his dog and began suffering from a fever later that day.

Around 30,000 residents have now been told they cannot leave and police at roadblocks on the perimeter of the city are telling motorists to find alternative routes...

* * *
There are occasional cases of plague right here in North America, also spread by fleas on marmots. The danger comes if it spreads to the lungs and becomes highly contagious pneumonic plague. Even then, it can be treated by antibiotics.

I wonder if the Chinese are over-reacting, or if they are not giving the whole story (wouldn’t be the first time).  A single case should not require this type of reaction.

From Wiki:
Without treatment, the bubonic plague kills about two thirds of infected humans within four days.
Bubonic plague—along with the septicemic plague and the pneumonic plague, which are the two other manifestations of Y. pestis—is commonly believed to be the cause of the Black Death that swept through Europe in the 14th century and killed an estimated 25 million people, or 30–60% of the European population.
The plague is also known to spread to the lungs and become the disease known as the pneumonic plague. This form of the disease is highly communicable as the bacteria can be transmitted in droplets emitted when coughing or sneezing.
People potentially infected with the plague need immediate treatment and should be given antibiotics within 24 hours of the first symptoms to prevent death. Other treatments include oxygen, intravenous fluids, and respiratory support. People who have had contact with anyone infected by pneumonic plague are given prophylactic antibiotics. Using the broad-based antibiotic streptomycin has proven to be dramatically successful against the bubonic plague within 12 hours of infection.


You can always tell when Kathy is guest-posting for Arnie...


'The Wisest Thing Anybody Ever Said'

Steve Sailer writes:

The oft-trumpeted gender gap is trivial compared to the Democrats’ marriage gap. According to the Reuters-Ipsos online panel of 40,000 voters immediately after the 2012 election, Obama did only four percentage points better among women than men, but he performed 21 points better among singles than among marrieds.


It turns out that married people are more happy and that happier people vote Republican more. Democrats can’t stand that, and Republicans can’t figure that out.


Pro-Russia Rebels Down Two Ukrainian Warplanes, Ukraine Army Says

MOSCOW—Pro-Russian separatists shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets Wednesday over a town close to where Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed last week, a Ukrainian defense ministry spokesman said.

Two SU-25 planes were brought down near the town of Saur-Mogila, which sits close to the Russian border and is 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Torez, where the civilian jet was brought down last Thursday, the spokesman said.

The alleged shoot-down of the jets would mark the first time a plane has been brought down over Ukraine since the crash.

The spokesman said the army dispatched a team to the scene to establish the exact circumstances of the downing of the jets. Rebels didn't immediately comment.


How a City in France Became a Mecca for Islamists

This is the second of a five-part series, France’s Toxic Hate.

Once upon a time, in the extreme north of France, a few steps away from the Belgian border, the town of Roubaix was called “the city of the thousand chimneys” in reference to the many textile factories that gave it its distinctive shape and energy. Eager to work, ready to fight—“The mecca of socialism” was its other nickname; the town remained a bastion of the left from the mid-19th century to the last municipal elections—workers from all over Europe would populate the red-brick streets of its neighborhoods and the many guinguettes for which the town was otherwise known. Today, as the broken, dirty streets that I visited last week indicate, Roubaix is devastated by a 40-percent unemployment rate. It maintains an astonishing crime rate of 84 incidents per 1,000 inhabitants and is classified by the government as the largest “high-priority security zone” in the country. This is where Mehdi Nemouche, the alleged Brussels Jewish museum killer, was born and partly raised.


Ontario taxpayers fund electric car rebates to the rich

TORONTO - A wealthy businessman with whom I am acquainted recently purchased a fully-loaded Tesla S electric car.

It's a made-in-California high-performance sports car that makes a peppy little downtown runabout.

The price tag? A cool $140,000.

Imagine his surprise when he discovered he qualified for a $10,000 rebate from the Ontario government.


ISIS May Not Have Reached Canada,but the ISIS Mentality Has

The Middle-East is a depressing place. Today the Levant serves as a cautionary tale in how quickly societies can tear themselves to pieces when the only dominant ideologies are extremist ones.

A lesson, apparently, which many Western societies seem to be losing sight of. Against the backdrop of the current conflict in Gaza, the past few weeks have seen synagogues attacked in Paris, and openly anti-Semitic demonstrations in Germany.

And an attempted lynching of Jews in Calgary, Canada.

Yes, Canada. When Syrians went out to demonstrate for change in 2011, everyone had their own idea of the kind of society they wanted Syria to emulate. For me personally, that society was Canada.


Yes, apparently, it’s come to this: Science is now HATE.

Sophia Banks (@sophiaphotos) is a Canadian transsexual who decided to “expose” some radical feminists who stubbornly cling to the notion that being a woman is a condition involving XX chromosomes.

Yes, apparently, it’s come to this: Science is now HATE.


Ten Reasons Why I Am No Longer a Leftist

How far left was I? So far left my beloved uncle was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party in a Communist country. When I returned to his Slovak village to buy him a mass card, the priest refused to sell me one. So far left that a self-identified terrorist proposed marriage to me. So far left I was a two-time Peace Corps volunteer and I have a degree from UC Berkeley. So far left that my Teamster mother used to tell anyone who would listen that she voted for Gus Hall, Communist Party chairman, for president. I wore a button saying "Eat the Rich." To me it wasn't a metaphor.

I voted Republican in the last presidential election.

Via Darlene Click at Protein Wisdom


Well, yes and no...

David Cameron: " This is one of the things that Islam is all about. Here in Britain Muslims are out biggest donors. They give more to charity than any other faith group."


Sudan: Family of Sudan's Apostasy Woman Files a Lawsuit to Annul Marriam Ibrahim's Marriage

Khartoum — The family of the Sudanese woman formerly accused of apostasy has filed another lawsuit to annul her marriage to her Christian husband. Meriam Ibrahim was sentenced to death last May for renouncing Islam, but was released after what the government said was "unprecedented" international pressure. An appeals court found Ibrahim not guilty on two charges of apostasy and adultery and overturned the lower tribunal's verdict.


British MP scumbag du jour

David Ward is a Liberal Democrat MP for Bradford East, which is almost Leeds and parts of which are therefore Pakistani colonies.

The big question is - if I lived in would I fire a rocket? - probably yes

He admits to being a wannabe terrorist and, what's worse, he uses the word "vibrant" in all earnestness.

How do people like Ward happen? He doesn't believe any of this in his heart. "Vibrant" is a dead giveaway: it's a pathetic meaningless hack cliche. Unless you're physically vibrating, you're not "vibrant". So he's an utterly shameless whore who sucks up to the Jew-haters and Pakistanis in a manner that might make George Galloway (PBUH) blush and can only be described as psychopathic. You don't have to be a saint to ask how such people live with themselves.


NYC’s Seegerfest: Celebrating Pete Seeger and His Reprehensible Politics

Pete Seeger certainly deserves to be remembered. He was the father of the folk revival, the man who almost singlehandedly brought the 5-string banjo to popularity, and who furthered the careers of many people, including a young Bob Dylan. He mastered old-time ballads from Appalachia and the Smoky Mountains, African-American songs from the South and from the days of slavery, sea shanties, and just about everything else folk musicians perform.

But Seeger’s blind spots were his persistent Stalinism, his decades-long love affair with the American Communist Party, and his tendency to endorse and support almost every far-left campaign that asked him to sign on.

Significantly, his very last political act was to join those opponents of Israel who created the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement, which is dedicated to Israel’s demise and which blames the Jewish state for the entire Mideast’s woes.


The World Is Returning to Normal

Of all the popular myths about “how the world works,” the most dangerous to us at this moment is the one that goes “peace is normal, war is an aberration.” Truth is, war is normal and peace very unusual. We’ve lived through a happy time, ever since the Second World War. Thanks to American superpower, and the destruction of the totalitarian regimes in Rome, Berlin and Moscow, we’ve had a happy period of relative peace. Very few big wars. Little genocides (China is exceptional, but they changed to accommodate the global pattern). Deterrence (as in “mutual assured destruction”) mostly worked.

That was a rare time. Now we’re getting back to normal.


The End of the Liberal Critique of Israel

After several days of personally observing the people of Israel reacting to rocket attacks and the grim reality of the fight against Hamas in Gaza, the irrelevance of most of the things the country’s American critics say about it has never seemed more obvious to me. After being forced into a war that the overwhelming majority of people here understand is one about their survival and not the political issues that divide Jews, it’s little wonder that most Israelis pay little attention to their country’s foreign detractors who seek to save them from themselves.

People who claim to care about the Jewish state need to draw similar conclusions.


The Washington Post Apologizes for Sending Pro-Hamas Journalist Intern to Cover Anti-Israel Rally

The Washington Post apologized to readers on Monday for sending a pro-Hamas journalist intern to cover an anti-Israel rally in Washington, D.C. on Sunday.


Stop the riots: This is Canada, not Gaza!

In this special episode of The Source, Ezra explores the violent anti-Israel protests that have rocked Canada.


Hamas Reveals Latest Secret Weapon

Looks Like a Dickie Dee Ice Cream trike has been weaponized


Greenfield: Jon Stewart Isn’t a Self-Hating Jew, He Just Hates Being Jewish

Jon Stewart frequently bashes Israel. It’s one of his “things”.

Another of his things is scoring dishonest political points using comedy and then defending against the backlash by just claiming that he’s joking. Or that he’s the “centrist” being beset by extremists on both sides...


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