UK: Six hundred asylum seekers crammed into 98-bed hotel

Croydon Council’s housing enforcement team discovered overcrowding at the Queen's Hotel in Church Road, Crystal Palace Photo: Cascade

Housing inspectors found six hundred asylum seekers crammed into a 98-bedroom London hotel.

One room had nine people in it, and most had four.

The local MP is now calling for the Home Office to take action.

Steve Reed has written to the Immigration Minister James Brokenshire MP after Croydon Council’s housing enforcement team discovered overcrowding at the Queen's Hotel, in Church Road, Crystal Palace, earlier this month.

Inspectors found one of the buildings had 500 people sleeping in it, while another building, which is supposed to accommodate up to 68, had 100 people in it...

* * *
Some people are making lots of money from the asylum racket.


Jihad Watch: Islamic State controls areas with 60 oil wells

Kurdish peshmerga soldiers patrol an oil installation on the outskirts of Kirkuk, July 2014.

And our friend and ally, NATO member Turkey, refuses to impede their oil sales. The Islamic State is going to be around for awhile...

Related: Will oil make or break the Islamic State? Now, with the Islamic State's self-proclaimed caliphate having captured key oil wells in the Middle East this year, foreign oil has become an even more lethal financial weapon-of-choice for those seeking to destroy democracy and further escalate the War on Terror.

That President Barack Obama failed even to mention oil as a critical factor in the war against IS during his speech to the nation on September 10, is an omission both revealing and dangerous in terms of how his administration wants to depict the stakes involved in this latest confrontation with the jihadis...


Greenfield: Congressman ‘Taliban Alan’ Grayson joins Code Pink’s pro-ISIS campaign

America’s craziest Congressman, Alan Grayson, last seen in the news over accusations of domestic violence by his wife, is back in support of ISIS.

You can see why “Taliban Alan” Grayson would have a soft spot for the Islamic State which beats and rapes women...


Drag queens threaten to organize protests if Facebook doesn’t change its ‘real names’ policy

Drag queens from left, Lil Ms. Hot Mess, Sister Roma and Heklina take turns speaking about their battle with Facebook during a news conference at City Hall in San Francisco on Wednesday

San Francisco drag queens are sparring with Facebook over its policy requiring people to use their real names, rather than drag names such as Pollo Del Mar and Heklina. But the world’s biggest social network is not budging from its rules.

In recent weeks, Facebook has been deleting the profiles of self-described drag queens and other performers who use stage names because they did not comply with the social networking site's requirement that users go by their “real names” on the site.

On Wednesday, Facebook declined to change its policy after meeting with drag queens and a member of the San Francisco board of supervisors. The company said is usually deletes accounts with fake names after investigating user complaints...

* * *
Whiners. I am not usually a big fan of Facebook, but they do provide two possibilities: “fan pages” or on-screen aliases (in this case your name is known to Facebook but you appear under the alias.  My daughter, a doctor, uses an alias).


UK: Islam, beheadings and politically correct denial

When Prime Minister David Cameron says that aid worker David Haines was “brutally murdered” by Isil, the extremist Islamic terrorist group, he is no doubt referring to the manner of Mr Haines’ killing as well as to the fact that a helpless innocent man was murdered.

David Haines was beheaded by a knife-wielding Muslim jihadist, his throat cut and his head severed from his body. This is behaviour that we in the western world never in our wildest dreams thought we would ever see.

How naïve we were. How thoroughly unrealistic is that liberal political creed by which we westerners live. Of course, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. Liberal values were supposed to convert all who came into contact with the West and everyone would naturally become western secular liberals.

That was one of the big ideas behind large-scale Muslim immigration to Europe. It didn’t work out that way, as many warned. The jihadist who butchered David Haines spoke with a London accent. That London accent also threatened David Cameron and the British people.

Some day soon, that jihadist voice may even find its way back to London shouting about human rights, and there will be plenty of people and institutions in Britain willing to listen to it...


Fighting ISIS, visible minorities are Essential: Why any Muslim you see here is a ‘good one’

Calgary Imam Syed Soharwardy, one of the author’s “favourite imams.”

Last week, when I heard Vice President Joe Biden's promise to “follow ISIS to the gates of hell.” I couldn’t help cheering the image of “Bull Balls” Biden stripping down to his tighty whitey’s and unleashing his old-man strength on the scourge of extremist Islam... except that’s exactly what ISIS wants: Muhammad foretold the day that demons masquerading as Arab Muslims would come, bent on violently luring believers of every faith to and through the gates of hell. And they’re succeeding in North America.

Last week someone tried to run one of my favorite imams down [Syed Soharwardy], the founder of Muslims Against Terrorism no less, while accusing him of being a terrorist -- because of his hat and his beard I suppose. That's profoundly unproductive behavior for someone apparently concerned about fighting terrorism.

Because Muslims here are on the front-lines of the war to keep our countries safe, and in the words of George W. Bush, “If you're not with us, you're against us.”

So ask yourself, which side are you really on?

Visible minorities aren’t criminals, in fact they’re the opposite. Criminals hide themselves, their criminal plans and their criminal acts from those around them no matter who they are or what they do: that's just as true of ideological crime as it is of any other one.

And on the other hand, a strong and integrated community is protective against crime regardless of their religious or cultural background: that was probably the most important thing we all learned during the Muslim Summit “Preventing Radicalization Through Youth Empowerment” last week in Calgary, an event that included the welcome participation of the US State Department, in the person of Consul-General Peter Kujawinski, a strong ally in our fight against terrorism...

* * *
The author is one “Dr. David Liepert,” who is either a convert or an extreme Islamophile: my guess is a convert.  His HuffPo bio:
Dr. David Liepert Chairs the Calgary Shura Council, sits as VP and official spokesperson for the Faith of Life Network, serves his community as President of the Calgary Islamic Chamber Institute and is a National Board member of the Canadian Islamic Chamber of Commerce.

He is on the faculty of the Canadian Centre For Deen Studies -- training tomorrow’s Imams today -- and has advised the Canadian Imams Council regarding Interfaith matters. An e-book version of his book "Muslim, Christian AND Jew: Finding A Path To Peace Our Faiths Can Share" can be found here.
The argument about visible minorities does not make the slightest bit of sense: plenty of them are criminals.  The author sounds kind of -- out to lunch, quite frankly.

He ends his piece with this bit of rubbish:
In Canada, our Muslim leaders have declared en-masse that ISIS and those like them are a deviant group that must be opposed, but what unites us as Canadians is our drive to empower our communities and our youth to make a positive difference in the world, by promoting Canadian multiculturalism as an Islamic ideal first seen in Muhammad’s Medina, and by seeking God’s distributive justice, for all.

And in America, I know there are many similar Muslim groups, including the Council on American Islamic Relations, who feel the same.

So how can you assist North America’s Muslims as we oppose ISIS and other vile groups promoting violent, fascist agendas? Don’t try to push us out. Help us marginalize criminal ideas and behavior, but don’t try to marginalize our communities. Allow us to be part of the conversation, “Nothing about us without us!” and encourage our public servants -- from the highest offices on down -- to remember that our highest values, including freedom, egalitarian liberty, and multiculturalism, are our greatest strengths, not a source of weakness.

Remember that Muslims have been participating members of our societies since before our nations were named, and with us acknowledge that our shared experience is made better by the broad range of heritages from which we arise.

Who knows? Instead of just help keep ourselves safe, we might even be able to help the rest of our world be better and safer too.
Certainly of the most emotionally overheated and illogical pieces of the dozens of “ISIS-has-nothing-to-do-with-Islam” stories now appearing daily.  Take a chill pill, Dr. Liepert.


Senate Passes Bill to Arm Syrian Rebels to Fight Islamic State

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has backed the White House request for the authority to arm and train pro-Western rebels to combat Islamic State militants, European Pressphoto Agency

WASHINGTON—The Senate on Thursday voted to authorize President Barack Obama to train and equip Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State extremists, despite concerns on both sides of the aisle about the scope of the administration's plan in Syria.

The authorization came as part of a broader short-term spending bill, which was needed to avoid a government shutdown when current funding expires at month's end. Senators voted 78-22 in favor of the spending bill, which will keep the government funded at current levels until Dec. 11 and reauthorize the Export-Import Bank through June 30, 2015.

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Ban the Muslim Brotherhood

Opponents of then-President Mohammed Morsi, a key leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, burn pictures of President Obama at a rally in Cairo on July 7, 2013. 

War On Terror: President Obama's strategy to defeat the Islamic State is deficient in many ways, but none more than its failure to attack the terrorist threat at its source — the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood plays a key role in fomenting jihad. It's the funder, recruiter and groomer of the bloodthirsty savages now threatening America from Iraq and Syria.

In outlining his own plan to defeat the Islamic State, ex-Vice President Dick Cheney has called for banning the Brotherhood, freezing its assets and outlawing its front groups — including the hundreds in the U.S...


‘With Jews we lose,’ reads one Senate candidate’s slogan in Kentucky


Robert Ransdell has placed 20 such signs — later taken down as they did not have the proper permissions — and plans to put 200 more

Robert Ransdell, a write-in candidate for US Senate from Kentucky, is campaigning with the slogan “With Jews we lose.”

Campaign lawn signs with the slogan began appearing in the Cincinnati suburb of Florence, Ky., in recent days. Ransdell said his campaign has posted about 20 signs and plans 200 more in the weeks ahead.

“Online we have had a lot of positive feedback,” Ransdell told WLWT, a TV news station in Cincinnati. “Like I said, we’re going to find out what kind of feedback we get once we go out and take it to the people here in the state of Kentucky.”

I believe that there is no such thing as racial equality. You see that in our cities everyday,” he told the news channel...


Cherson & Molschky: Biden’s ‘Shylock’, Kerry’s ‘Apartheid State’ and the Anti-Israel Gov’t

For an Administration whose President was elected on promises of “change,” “progressivism” and “inclusiveness,” the amount of blatant anti-Semitism is anything but reassuring.

The most recent gaffe was Vice President Biden’s casual use of the word “Shylock” to describe greedy moneylenders. After realizing his faux pas, Biden has since apologized for his “poor choice of words”...


Australian feminist writer: ‘Heterosexual marriage bigger oppressor of women than burka'

Catherine Deveny is an Australian writer and comedian who has previously written for the Australian daily “The Age” and the UK daily “The Guardian.”

She is also an outspoken atheist and feminist. Her strong left-wing viewpoints denouncing marriage and motherhood have garnered much criticism including a tweet she posted Sept. 16...

h/t Marvin


Rush Limbaugh: Can somebody tell me what the GOP's message is?

On his show this afternoon, Rush Limbaugh criticized the Republican Party's wimpy candidates and their Beltway consultants.

Does the GOP stand for anything anymore? he wondered:

I don’t know what to cheer about,” he said. “I can remember back in the days, the Reagan years, it was exciting to be a Republican. We knew what we supported. (…) It was something to be very proud of and excited about. You wanted to be part of it; you wanted to help it. I just don’t feel anything like that now.” (...)

“Can somebody tell me what the Republican Party stands for when it comes to amnesty?” Limbaugh asked. “Does the Republican Party talk about job creation? Is the Republican Party talking about economic growth? (…) I don’t know what they stand for anymore, other than they’re not Obama, they’re not the Democrats. I really don’t know. So I don’t know what to talk about!”

Limbaugh challenged Republicans to stop speaking in clichés and delivering vague boilerplate speeches. 
Instead, he said, candidates need to spell out exactly what they would do to fix, say, immigration or Obamacare.


Rotherham’s latest Muslim sex pest escapes jail due to ‘good character’

Raja Hussein

A Muslim man from Rotherham who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a teenager on a train has escaped a jail sentence thanks to “previous good character”, despite the judge saying that the offence merited a custodial sentence.

The defendant, Raja Hussain, attempted to excuse his actions by explaining that he was suffering from poor mental health, including depression with psychotic features, hallucinations and delusional beliefs at the time of the assault, the Express has reported.

Hussain, 39, was arrested in Rotherham 24 hours after following an 18 year old University of Sheffield student, onto a train and touching her. The teenager first spotted Hussain grinning at her in a train station waiting room. The two then boarded a train, where Hussain sat opposite her and continued leering...


‘Stop terrorizing Muslims’ - hundreds join Sydney protest against terror raids

Members of the Sydney Muslim community rally in Lakemba, Sydney. (AAP)

Signs reading “terror raids cannot break the spirit of Muslims” and “stop terrorizing Muslims” were waived by about 10 people among the 200 who rallied in western Sydney to demonstrate against a series of pre-dawn anti-terrorism raids.

The protesters met outside Lakemba train station on Thursday night for the snap action, organised via social media.

The Hizb Ut-Tahrir logo, according to Wikipedia -->

About 50 people were watching from across the road.

The event was promoted under a banner featuring the hardline organisation Hizb Ut-Tahrir and is calling on the Muslim community to “stand as one” against “government aggression.”

“Women, children should be safe from the terror of the state,” they chanted.

The signs had small Hizb Ut-Tahrir Australia logos...

* * *
Hizb Ut-Tahrir is an ominous organization.  Here is one of their signs I found whilst looking for their logo. “Khilafah” means “caliphate”:


British journalist appears in new Islamic State video

John Cantlie, in the video posted online, mimes having a gun to his head

A third British hostage held by Islamic State has appeared in a new video posted online today.

John Cantlie, a photojournalist kidnapped almost two years ago in Syria, appears in the guise of a news presenter, though dressed in the same orange Guantanamo Bay-style robes that three other Western hostages were made to wear before they were beheaded.

Reading from what appears to be a script, in a clip entitled “Lend me your Ears”, he promises to share the “truth” about Islamic State over a series of instalments to counter what he called the manipulated narrative about the jihadist group that is portrayed by the Western media.

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DisOrientation at University of Toronto

Hi everyone,

Our Fall 2014 DisOrientation week is only two weeks away, and all of us here at OPIRG are getting quite excited.

As you know the week is scheduled from Monday, September 29 to Saturday, October 4, and we are always updating the schedule as we confirm the locations, speakers and event descriptions. So keep checking the website, or follow us on Facebook for the latest schedule of events, and to find out about ways you can get involved.

Also, keep an eye out for the announcement next week where we will announcing additional details about our keynote event.

For newer subscribers to this list, DisOrientation is an alternative frosh week that is dedicated to politicizing campus life, and to connecting students with each other and to the broader community fighting for justice.

This year, the theme of the week is Defiant Spaces, and we want to learn from, nurture, and create those across the city and on this campus.

As always, if you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch.


Yogi Acharya
Programming & Volunteer Coordinator


*OPIRG-Toronto News*
1) DisOrientation 2014: Defiant Spaces
2) Action Speaks Louder Fall Edition now out!

*Community News*
1) These Walls Will Fall: Massive Outdoor Free Protest (**Tonight!**)
2) Meet the Resistance to Barrick Gold: A Conversation with Jethro Tulin + New Member Orientation (September 18)
3) For The Right To Exist, Resist & Overcome (September 27)


*2) Action Speaks Louder Fall Edition now out!*

We are excited to announce the arrival of the fall edition of Action Speaks Louder, OPIRG’s bi-annual magazine.

Featuring both new and returning contributors, and exploring topics from the rise of a fascist government in India to examining the effects of the upcoming 2015 Pan American games in Toronto, this is an issue not to be missed.

If you'd like a copy, come by our office, or pick up a copy from the Harvest Noon Cafe,  First Nations House - University of Toronto, and several other info spaces around campus.

If you’d love to host some lovely copies of our magazine, drop our office a line at 416-978-7770 or email us at



Bangladesh: Acid thrown on housewife over dowry

It is must be easy to get these poisonous chemicals in places like Bangladesh--I can only assume

A housewife sustained severe burn injuries in an acid attack allegedly by her husband for dowry at Chittabisrampur village in Mahammadpur upazila of Magura on Tuesday.

The victim was identified as Kabita Begum,22, wife of Sumon Miah, a resident of the same village, reports UNB.

Sheikh Matiar Rahman, officer in-charge of Mahammadpur Police Station, said Sumon, son of Shahid Miah, married Kabita, daughter of Shahin Khan, a resident of Baoujani village of the same upazila, five years ago.

After their marriage, Sumon demanded a substantial amount of money as dowry from Kabita and often tortured her for it. Recently, Sumon started forcing Kabita to bring the money from her parents.

On the fateful night, Sumon picked up a quarrel with Kabita over the issue and at one stage threw acid on her, leaving her body badly burnt.

Different parts of her body, including face, chest and legs, received burns. Critically injured, Kabita was admitted to local upazila health complex. Sumon went into hiding after the incident...

* * *
The link also includes another story about a woman who was beaten to death by her husband and in-laws over dowry.


Was ‘Friends’ homophobic?

Friends is 20 years old. And it is still as popular as ever. On one TV channel, somewhere in the world, people are probably going commando, drinking coffee and asking 'How you doing?'

But while the hugely successful NBC sitcom is loved by many all over the world, it has its critics - especially LGBTI critics.

One video editor, Tijana Mamula, watched all 10 seasons of Friends to compile all of the gay jokes into one 50 minute video. And, to an extent, it does show how much homophobia and transphobia is in the show...

* * *
For those not wanting to waste 50 minutes of time, Gay Star News has summarized the “problematic” parts at the link. (But they also consider the opposite thesis...very confusing.)

Imagine someone watching all those episodes to put this video together.  Obsessed or what?


Delingpole: Humza Yousaf MSP: the Islamist-linked 'radical' behind Salmond and Scottish independence

If (Yousaf's) plans come to fruition he will become one of the most powerful men in Europe, imbued with a firm belief that things have to change.


Politico Magazine: Time to ditch the ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’ it’s racist and militaristic

Politico Magazine celebrated the bicentennial of America’s national anthem this past Saturday with a lead story entitled “Is It Time to Ditch the Star-Spangled Banner?”

Written by Ted Widmer, a former Bill Clinton speechwriter and ghostwriter for Hillary Clinton’s recently released “Hard Choices,” the piece decries the anthem’s militarism and rampant racism that Widmer feels has no place in modern political discourse.

To the columnist, Francis Scott Key’s historic account of the 1814 defense of Fort McHenry gratuitously celebrates the horrors of war, “forc[ing] us to relive Key’s emotional trauma during that long night 200 years ago” with “a kind of musical bombardment.”

Couching it as a compliment, Widmer claims the song serves the jingoistic purpose of “drown[ing] out bad news with bluster, brass and percussion.”

Widmer doesn’t have a particularly original idea: He quotes favorably from a 2009 piece by Washington Post columnist Michael Kinsley that slammed the anthem’s “empty bravado” and “mindless bluster about rockets and bombs”...

* * *
The first comment at Politico says:

Time to ditch Politico Magazine? Yes.
Time to ditch Ted Widmer? Yes.
It has over 300 up votes (Disqus commenting).  Go add yours.


France is ditching the ‘Islamic State’ name — and replacing it with a label the group hates

“This is a terrorist group and not a state," Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told reporters last week, according to France 24. "I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims and Islamists. The Arabs call it ‘Daesh’ and I will be calling them the ‘Daesh cutthroats.’ ”


AFDI sues Pennsylvania Transportation Authority for censoring speech

Philadelphia, PA (September 18, 2014) — Today, the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC), a national, nonprofit Judeo-Christian law firm, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation

Authority (SEPTA) for refusing to run a “Stop the Islamic Jew-Hatred” advertisement on SEPTA property. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on behalf of the advertisement’s sponsors, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and its co-founders, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.


American doctor says racism and classism is to blame for the slow response to the Ebola outbreak

Why has the global response to the Ebola outbreak been so slow? “I think it’s racism,” says Dr. Joia Mukherjee.

“I think it’s easy for the world — the powerful world, who are largely non-African, non-people of color — to ignore the suffering of poor, black people," says Mukherjee, a professor at Harvard Medical School and chief medical officer at the Boston-based non-profit Partners in Health.

Race isn’t the only reason she believes it’s easy to dismiss the issues. “I think it’s also classism,” she says. “These are not countries that contribute massively to the global economy, so it’s easy to just otherize this problem”...

* * *
Never trust anyone using the word “otherize.” She is wrong. There have been numerous outbreaks of Ebola in the past and they were all quickly brought under control.

Odd that “racism” and “classism” just suddenly developed for this outbreak.

No doubt this outbreak will be intensively studied as to why it got out of control--it may have to do with it breaking out in urban areas and in more than one place at once.


Marry a martyr: Twitter's jihadi matchmaker

The user, called Jihad Matchmaker, calls on men and women to send a direct message including their background, status and location, but requests not to send pictures. The account has also not verified that any matches were made.

The user has posted several tweets and retweets encouraging people to fast as a way to find their match and to "protect you from the hellfire and prevent you from sins."


West Texas sheriff says ‘Muslim clothing’, ‘Quran books’ found near border

US-Mexican border (in a spot where it fenced)

Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter was back on national television Monday morning, making another warning to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria members who may be entering the U.S. from Mexico.

Painter, interviewed by Fox News’ Elizabeth Hasselbeck, reiterated the warning he first said on CNN on Sept. 5, saying ISIS will be sent “to hell” if they show up. He also referenced again the report he received a few weeks ago that warned of ISIS activity in the Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, area.

“I think the United States needs to get busy and they need to bomb them (ISIS); they need to take them out,” Painter said on Fox News, echoing a statement he made to the Reporter-Telegram on Sept. 6. “I would like for them to hit [ISIS] so hard and so often that every time they hear a propeller on a plane or a jet aircraft engine that they urinate down both legs.”
He added “Quran books” and “Muslim clothing” have been found near the border...


World Bulletin: British Lord calls to ban reading parts of the Qur’an

Lord Christopher Monckton

Lord Christopher Monckton’s latest column proposed “A bill should be brought before Congress identifying all passages in the [Qur’an] which, whether in isolation or taken together, constitute incitement to murder”

A British Lord and former advisor to the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has called on the US Congress to ban certain passages of the Qur'an and to make reading them aloud illegal.

Lord Christopher Monckton’s latest column for website World Net Daily falsely claimed “Nearly all acts of terrorism perpetrated throughout the world in the past quarter of a century were carried out by Muslims in the name of Allah.”

“One does not need to look any further than their “holy” book, the [Qur'an],” he said, adding “Craven public authorities have failed to act against the circulation of the [Qur'an] in its present form because they fear a violent backlash.”

According to Raw Story, Monckton then urged the banning of portions of the Qur’an that he wrongly interprets to be a call for violence against nonbelievers, saying the rights of free speech are outweighed by the need to stop incitement...

* * *
Now, that is a good idea.


Muslim rebels in Philippines vow allegiance to Islamic State

The influence of the Islamic State may be further expanding in Asia. Video clips of Muslim extremists from the Philippines pledging allegiance to IS have been posted online. There are reports around a hundred young Filipino Muslims have been recruited by the group. CCTV America’s Barnaby Lo reports from Manila.

A video is doing the rounds which shows members of the Abu Sayyaf pledging allegiance to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

Another armed group in the Southern Philippines, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, has offered its support to ISIL. A few other clips of Filipino Muslims vowing loyalty to ISIL including one supposedly shot inside a high security prison have been making the rounds on the Internet.

There are reports that about a hundred young Filipino Muslims have joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, two of whom were allegedly killed in battle...

* * *
Abu Sayyaf is a vicious group--they call themselves Islamic freedom fighters, but specialize in kidnapping tourists and various other criminal activities.

That makes them a perfect fit for Islamic State, of course.


Posted on Craigslist:



What is wrong with these sadistic freaks?

MUSLIM HUMOR: Lebanese man threatens to behead three terrified little Syrian refugee children
...The man who staged the sick prank has confessed that he was amused by their weeping and their mother actually loved the video, a police statement said on Saturday.

h/t Kristy Lonestar


US: Economists for open borders

They’re still harping on open borders over at Cheap Chalupas. They don’t even care who the newcomers are, whether they have any skills, but they do argue that this is somehow going to be a great benefit for us all.

Was it Angela Merkel who said, “We wanted workers, and we got people”?

The entire premise of mass immigration vanished when you consider that it completely abolishes the idea of a nation. They don’t say that, of course, it’s supposedly only about jobs. But a nation is defined physically by its borders, so no borders, no nation...


Latest Video By Everyday, Run Of The Mill Headchopping Muslims Shows New British Hostage

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) appear to have released a new video showing British journalist John Cantlie saying he will “expose the truth about the Islamic State”.

The video, however, takes a different strategy to those previously released by ISIS regarding Western journalist hostages. This one features the journalist talking alone directly to camera. In videos showing the killing of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, the journalists are shown reading scripted remarks as an apparent executioner stands next to them.


Imam educates the President on Islam: The Koran promotes terrorism and the killing of ‘innocents’

In the beginning of his speech last week on the threat of ISIS (or ISIL), President Obama told Americans:

“Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not “Islamic.” No religion condones the killing of innocents…”

He is wrong on both counts.
But British Imam Anjem Choudary set the President and the American public straight in this short video clip...


Delingpole: Scotland decides

....Or whether to go it alone as an independent nation and brave currency collapse, economic chaos, marginalisation on the international stage, grotesque political mismanagement by a party led by a shyster demagogue, bitter wrangling, messy negotiation of any number of complex agreements, and the grim prospect of picking up a massive welfare bill which, up and till now, has been heavily subsidised by the loathsome Sassenachs of South East England.


UK: Left wing media claims Bradford is safe, but parallel Muslim justice systems mask the real crime rates

Outdoor prayer in Bradford

A recent opinion poll by YouGov on public perceptions of safety in major UK cities has caused police in Bradford to rush to defend the city, after the revelation that it enjoyed the reputation as being Britain’s most dangerous place to live.

Superintendent Scott Bisset complained the YouGov statistics merely reflected the prejudices of outsiders, not real Bradford residents. In a press release he said: “I am very disappointed with the perception that outsiders have of Bradford, but it is clear the views are not a true reflection of what we know to be the situation ‘on the ground’ amongst the communities we serve.

“The survey is based on the views of people across Britain - not the people of Bradford. How can someone in London or Cornwall be expected to know what life is like in Bradford unless they have lived or worked here? They can’t - just as much as I wouldn’t know what it is like in those areas”...


Ontario facing $400-million bailout over pensions at U.S. Steel Canada

The Ontario government faces a potential bill of $400-million to bailout U.S. Steel Canada Inc. pensioners if the steel maker’s pension plans are not restructured, the company’s chief executive officer Michael McQuade warned in a court filing.

An affidavit submitted by Mr. McQuade as part of U.S. Steel Canada’s filing for protection under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act outlines what is likely to be one of the critical issues in restructuring talks between the company, the Ontario government, the United Steelworkers union and other groups such as salaried employees and salaried retirees.


Tony Abbott confirms police believed well integrated Muslims planned public beheadings

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says intelligence indicates people in Australia were allegedly planning a public beheading to be carried out in the name of militant group Islamic State.

Mr Abbott's comments come as police say they have thwarted a "serious act of violence" after arresting 15 people and charging one in the wake of counter-terrorism raids across Sydney and Brisbane on Thursday.


Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam: How peaceful is his ‘Peace Train’?

Islam as a young convert

Cat Stevens soothed ears and gained fans with his boyish grin, light humor and lyrical songs like Moonshadow, Wild World and Peace Train. At least until 1977, when he converted, renamed himself Yusuf Islam and dropped out of popular music.

But over the last decade, he's eased back into performance and has just announced a new musical tour, “Peace Train ... Late Again,” in North America and Europe. The coverage thus far is not quite a train wreck, but it does miss a chance to examine the freight: the intolerance that once prodded him to recommend Salman Rushdie's death.

British Yusuf Islam (4th L), the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, his wife Faezia (3rd L) and his daughters arrive at the “Adopt-A-Minefield” Benefit Gala in support of landmines victims on May 28, 2005 in Neuss, Germany

Most news media have seemed to rely on the Associated Press story, which deals mostly with Stevens’ “unhurried music career.” They note his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this spring, as well as his upcoming blues album, his first studio album in five years.
Remember that flap over Salman Rushdie? Some readers a link to a 1989 article in the New York Times:
Cat Stevens Gives Support To Call for Death of Rushdie

LONDON, May 22 -- The musician known as Cat Stevens said in a British television program to be broadcast next week that rather than go to a demonstration to burn an effigy of the author Salman Rushdie, “I would have hoped that it'd be the real thing.”

The singer, who adopted the name Yusuf Islam when he converted to Islam, made the remark during a panel discussion of British reactions to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's call for Mr. Rushdie to be killed for allegedly blaspheming Islam in his best-selling novel “The Satanic Verses.” He also said that if Mr. Rushdie turned up at his doorstep looking for help, “I might ring somebody who might do more damage to him than he would like.”

“I’d try to phone the Ayatollah Khomeini and tell him exactly where this man is,” said Mr. Islam, who watched a preview of the program today and said in an interview that he stood by his comments.
...Several times over the years, Yusuf has tried to deny endorsing Khomeini’s fatwa. “We were just poles apart,” he said of Rushdie in a 2006 interview. “We disagreed. But I never said such a thing.” Apparently he thought no one would see the video clip linked in the 1989 Times post...


Convicted Well Integrated Muslim Terrorist Hiva Alizadeh Enjoyed Beheading Videos While On Welfare

Details of terror plot emerge after Ottawa man’s guilty plea

A naturalized Canadian citizen who had been on welfare before his arrest, Mr. Alizadeh was living with his wife and two young children.

A court-filed agreed statement of facts shows he had been reading a tract called “How to Kidnap Americans” and had possessed some beheading videos. Canadian authorities somehow managed to lock onto him, even as he used pay-as-you-go “burner” phones and public-library Internet connections to disguise his communications.


Bus-riding teens cheering on a fight between two women pummel the guy who breaks it up

A Cincinnati man who tried to break up a fight between two women on a bus was brutally attacked and robbed by a group of young people who were enjoying the altercation, WTOV reports.

Shahid Sylla was recording an argument between two women on his iPad when it suddenly turned violent. He told police that in his culture — Sylla is Portuguese — they “don’t allow women to fight,” and so he jumped into the fray and pulled the two women apart.


Attempted robbery at gunpoint caught on cyclist's GoPro

Canadian, Mike Graziano and Alexander Hennessy are on a mission to travel to every country in the world. While biking through a rough neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a motorcyclist suddenly cut in front of Hennessy . He was surprised, but brushed it off as bad driving. But then the biker returned with a gun, screaming in Spanish!


‘Fighting has just begun,’ says video issued by Islamic State-linked group

BAGHDAD—An Islamic State video that warns the U.S. not to deploy forces in Iraq appears to reflect a shift in tactics, as the militants try to broaden their appeal by portraying themselves not just as holy warriors but also as defenders against Western aggression.

The video, released late Tuesday by a media outlet linked to Islamic State, shows militants firing rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns imposed over pictures of U.S. troops and tanks under fire. It warns of the perils that would befall American soldiers if President Barack Obama ordered them into action against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

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Canada: Tuberculosis exposure at Orleans school prompts health warning

Gisèle-Lalonde High School

Ottawa Public Health has sent a letter to parents with children at Gisèle-Lalonde High School in Orleans warning them of possible exposure last year to two people who had tuberculosis.

“It’s a little bit uncommon to have two in the same school, which is why additional precautions are being taken to see if any other student may have been exposed,” said Dr. Rosamund Lewis, an associate medical officer of health at OPH.

The city’s public health agency sent out letters on Friday saying anyone who attended the French public school between Sept. 15, 2013 and Dec. 24, 2013 may have been exposed.

The persons with TB did not know they had it at the time they attended school, but may have spread the tuberculosis bacteria.

There are generally about 50 cases of active TB in Ottawa each year...


Tennessee cheerleaders defy ban on school prayer, lead fans in pre-game Lord’s Prayer

After receiving a reminder from the American Civil Liberties Union that it is unconstitutional to hold school-sanctioned prayer over the loud-speaker before football games, a group of Oneida High School cheerleaders decided to use the moment of silence to lead the fans in a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer.


Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia: Douchebag Mehdi Hasan & Jonathan Freedland on the need for self-criticism in Jewish & Muslim communities

Watch the Huffington Post UK’s political director Mehdi Hasan, who is Muslim, and Guardian executive editor Jonathan Freedland, who is Jewish, discuss rising Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, Israel's Gaza war and the need for greater self-criticism and dissenting voices within the UK's Jewish and Muslim communities.

Their conversation was part of a Guardian Live event, held in partnership with the Huffington Post UK, on Monday 15 September at the Royal Institution in London, and chaired by the BBC's Anita Anand.


Entire Cameroonian football team converts to Islam from Christianity in UAE

A total of twenty-three visiting players in their twenties who came as part of a program run by a football academy for poor, homeless and orphaned youngsters in Cameroon converted from Christianity to Islam in Dubai

An entire football team of young Cameroonian football players have declared their conversion to Islam after spending two months at a football training camp in the United Arab Emirates.

A total of twenty-three players in their twenties who came as part of a program run by a football academy for poor, homeless and orphaned youngsters in Cameroon, openly read out their testimony of faith at the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) in Dubai.

Javeed Khateeb, senior religious adviser at IACAD, told The National, “It is amazing that at an age when most people just want to play and have fun, these young men were searching for faith and enlightenment.”

It was reported that the players and coaches decided to accept Islam for various reasons, including the peace they felt in the religion and the kindness of Muslims they came across during their stay in the country.

“They were very impressed with the way Muslims behaved, but mostly they were impressed by the kindness and respect they received. These are poor young men and they were embraced like brothers,” Khateeb said.

“We spent two separate sessions, which were about a full day each, talking about Islam and answering all their questions and alleviating any doubts,” Khateeb added.

“We wanted to make sure they had proper understanding of Islam. Many of their questions were about halal and haram, consuming alcohol, and how the prophet Jesus is portrayed in Islam.”

All but two visiting footballers decided to convert to Islam during their visit to IACAD on Thursday before returning to Cameroon on Saturday, although the remaining two players asked for more information before they made up their minds, Khateeb said.

* * *
I’m this was spontaneous: no imams came and tried to persuade them. Islam is not like that.


Swedish comedian confronts his country’s ‘anti-Semitic’ media

Anti-Semitic graffiti painted outside a Stockholm school.

In early August, Swedish-Jewish writer and comedian Aron Flam took a call from Aftonbladet, one of Sweden’s largest newspapers – “Hello?” he asked. The newspaper staff did not notice that Flam had picked up the line. “Come on, we need someone playing the part of the disgruntled Jew,” someone said. “I can hear you!” exclaimed Flam. “Eh, hello? Yes, this is Aftonbladet debate (section) – would you write something about anti-Semitism in Sweden?”

Whether in print or online, Sweden’s newspaper consumption ratio is one of the highest in the world. Technically considered a tabloid, Aftonbladet has the country’s biggest print circulation and was at the forefront of adopting Internet publishing. Despite the multitude of readers amongst the nation’s 9.5 million citizens, the daily’s journalistic standards have repeatedly come into question.

In 2006, one of the paper’s own columnists criticized its emphasis on celebrity coverage rather than the war in Iraq. The memoir of world renowned moviemaker Ingmar Bergman accused Aftonbladet of deliberate character assassination.

But it was the paper’s 2009 publication of the claim that Israel appropriated, harvested, and sold Palestinian organs – that brought it worldwide infamy and condemnation. Many referred to the report as a blood libel. Editor-in-chief Jan Helin repeatedly stood behind the reporting prior to confessing to a complete lack of substantiation...

* * *
But Aftonbladet likes Muslim immigrants -- can’t say enough good about them.

Sweden sat out both world wars, selling iron ore to Germany, which one reason they are so prosperous (no post-war building was required for them -- not that this means that any particular present-day Swede is sympathetic to Nazis, but it is worth keeping in mind).


One in five Australians believe drunk women ‘partly responsible’ for rape: survey

A national survey conducted by VicHealth has revealed some shocking statistics.

One in five Australians believe a woman is “partly responsible” for being raped if she is intoxicated, a national survey conducted by VicHealth has found.

The poll of 17,500 people also found one in six people support the notion that when women say no to sex, they mean yes.

VicHealth chief executive Jerril Rechter said the results were “shocking” and showed there was still a lot of work to do when it came to changing people’s attitudes.

“These are terrible statistics and whilst we’re making headway in some areas, we are seriously concerned that many people have attitudes that lead to the potential for violence against women,” she said...

* * *
The question is rather vague. If she is seized by a total stranger from a street, then it seems like being drunk or not is not a factor.

But if alcohol clouded her judgment and she went willingly with an acquaintance and later said “no,” then it is still wrong for the man to persist, but the situation then becomes more murky: was he violent, or did she simply pass out and he took advantage of this?

If someone walks into my house and steals stuff because I forgot to lock the door, am I responsible? No, but I was careless.


Health care for Britain in harsh light - NYT

LONDON — Even as government’s role in health care remains deeply divisive in the United States, the National Health Service remains a beloved cornerstone of Britain’s welfare state. Polls last year showed that Britons are prouder of the health service than they are of the monarchy. They even showed off their affection for the system in the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

Still, no Briton is ever entirely happy with the taxpayer-funded service, and now the case of a 5-year-old boy with a brain tumor has thrown a harsh light on the $170 billion-a-year system.

Critics are asking whether the service was justified in refusing a cancer treatment for the boy, Ashya King, sought by his desperate parents in an effort to save his life, and whether it overstepped in trying to impose its decision on his family.

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New al Qaeda wing in South Asia claims major attack

Pakistan Navy personnel keep guard near the Navy ship PNS Zulfiqar after it returned to Karachi June 23, 2011.

(Reuters) - Al Qaeda’s South Asia wing has claimed responsibility for hijacking a Pakistani naval ship and trying to use it to fire rockets at U.S. vessels in the Arabian Sea, in the first major assault by the newly created group.

The SITE monitoring service quoted its spokesman, Usama Mahmoud, as saying a group of militants had succeeded in seizing control of the Pakistani frigate PNS Zulfiqar and tried to use it to attack nearby U.S. vessels.

“These mujahideen had taken control of the Pakistani ship, and they were advancing towards the American fleet when the Pakistani army stopped them,” he said.

“As a result, the mujahideen, the lions of Allah and benefactors of the Ummah, sacrificed their lives for Allah, and the Pakistani soldiers spoiled their hereafter by giving up their lives in defense of the enemies of the Ummah the Americans.”

SITE said Mahmoud’s statement also provided a picture and a detailed layout of the PNS Zulfiqar...


UK: When West meets sharia-compliant - Parallel world watch

A niche legal area around financing without deriving interest has boomed

UK government attempts to balance a tough approach to Islamic radicalism with a desire to do business with moderate Muslims was highlighted this summer when Whitehall cut a landmark Sharia-compliant bond deal that was the first of its kind in Europe.

The £200 million sukuk — one of the most high-profile Islamic finance products — came at the end of June and was the first issued by a country outside the traditional Muslim world. Legal experts say the move was designed to send a strong signal to Islamic investors that despite heightening conflicts in Iraq and Syria, the UK remains open for Islamic investment and financial products.

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Dick Durbin: Amnesty Bill will help contain Ebola

On Tuesday, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said that a comprehensive amnesty bill would have helped America contain the Ebola epidemic in Africa.

Durbin, a member of the Senate’s Gang of Eight that wrote the immigration reform bill, said during a Senate hearing on Ebola that the Senate’s amnesty bill would have even allowed doctors in the United States to travel to Africa to combat Ebola “without jeopardizing their immigration status”...

* * *
Very unconvincing. The Gang must be getting desperate.


No hope of real change in Pakistan, says US academic

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, first Governor General of Pakistan (1947-48). He died aged 71 of tuberculosis

NEW YORK: Pakistan has become a “very troubled state”, in contradiction to the dreams of its founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah, it was stated at a lecture “Pakistan and the Burden of Islam” held at Columbia University on Tuesday.

Professor Emeritus at Columbia University Ainslie Embree, editor in chief of the Encyclopedia of Asian History (1989), remarked that Pakistan has become the state that Jinnah never spoke of.

During the first constituent assembly in August 1947, Jinnah reiterated that the state had nothing to do with any citizen’s religion. However, contrary to his vision, minorities are not safe in Pakistan, Embree said, with Ahmadis and Christians mainly targeted among the minority groups.

In the last 30 years, it has often been said that Pakistan is ‘on the brink of disaster’ and is a failed state, Embree said. However, comparisons between Pakistan and states like India are unfair as Pakistan “has a mission to become a fully Islamic state”, he said. He argued that while Muslim rulers tried to protect Islamic culture, they did not focus on Muslim unity...

* * *
The problem is obvious: Islam.


Marijuana industry battling stoner stereotypes

Colorado marijuana advocates are fighting back against the Cheech & Chong stereotypes and ominous anti-drug campaigns with a series of advertisements encouraging users to “consumer responsibly.”

To get their message across, they are skewering some of the old Drug War-era ads that focused on the fears of marijuana, including the famous “This is your brain on drugs” fried-egg ad from the 1980s.

They are planning posters, brochures, billboards and magazine ads to caution consumers to use the drug responsibly and warn tourists and first-timers about the potential to get sick from accidentally eating too much medical-grade pot.

“So far, every campaign designed to educate the public about marijuana has relied on fear-mongering and insulting marijuana users,” said Mason Tvert, spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project, the nation’s biggest pot-policy advocacy group...


Scottish pubs granted special licences to serve alcohol through referendum night

Fears of violent clashed between Yes and No supporters have been raised after pubs were granted special licences to keep serving alcohol all through tomorrow night into Friday morning.

Bars across Scotland which applied for the late licence will now be open throughout the count, which is not supposed to be finished until 6am on Friday at the earliest.

With the mood in Scotland turning increasingly bitter amidst toxic allegations of bullying and intimidation, senior politicians and police officers described the plan for all-night drinking as “absolute madness.”

It comes after claims Police Scotland have cancelled all leave as fears of trouble grow – which the force today denied.

One senior officer said there were real concerns that tempers are running so high street fighting could break out between Yes and No supporters, particularly in built up areas.

He told The Times: “If it’s a No vote there is concern it will get ugly”...


Islamic State-inspired lone wolves pose ‘significant’ threat to Jews

Supporters of the Islamic State wave guns and flags at a rally in Raqqa, Syria (screen capture)

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Jewish institutions, which have faced attacks in recent years by lone wolves — extremists who draw their inspiration from the like-minded but act on their own — now must be wary of returnees from the Iraq-Syria arena who are trained and indoctrinated by the jihadist group Islamic State, top security consultants told JTA.

SIS has “not only stated intentions to form a caliphate, but named US and Jewish people as targets specifically,” said John Cohen, who until earlier this year was an undersecretary for intelligence and analysis at the Department of Homeland Security. “There’s a significant threat to Jewish communities.”

The threat became evident with revelations that Mehdi Nemmouche, the suspect in the May 24 shooting attack on the Jewish museum in Brussels that killed four people, had allegedly been active with IS in Syria.

It’s not yet clear if Nemmouche was acting on orders and, if so, whether the orders came from ISIS...

Related: Islamic State not yet a threat to Israel, IDF says: A senior military intelligence officer said Wednesday that Israel would likely assist the global effort against the Islamic State group if asked, but maintained that the jihadists did not pose an immediate threat to the Jewish State...


European court: Turkey’s compulsory religion course ‘violates’ rights

A Turkish flag, with the Ottoman-era New mosque in the background, flies over a passenger ferry in Istanbul August 20, 2014. (Reuters)

The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday ruled that a compulsory religion course in Turkey’s education system violates the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

The court urged that the course be made optional, Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman reported.

The ruling comes in the wake of an appeal filed in 2011 by parents who belong to the Alevi faith, concerning the compulsory Culture of Religion and Knowledge of Morality course in schools.

The Alevi faith is an offshoot of Shi’ite Islam, and is not recognized in Turkey as a religion on its own.

The court said recent changes to the class’s course books, including the addition of background information about the Alevi faith, were not enough.

“The court observed in particular that in the field of religious instruction, the Turkish education system was still inadequately equipped to ensure respect for parents’ convictions,” the newspaper quoted the court as saying...

* * *
Let us hope this makes Turkey less enthusiastic about joining the EU.


Iraq’s oil output revival at stake for want of water

Output from West Qurna-1 - operated by ExxonMobil - has fallen almost 40 percent to around 300,000 barrels per day compared with last year. (AFP)

A lack of water threatens Iraq’s plans to raise its oil output, boost its stumbling economy and become a leading producer in the region after Saudi Arabia.

A multi-billion dollar common seawater injection scheme designed to boost production from the giant export oilfields in Iraq’s south is snarled up in red tape and acrimony.

The seawater injection project is core to the development of the southern fields - which account for most of Iraq’s production - and aims partly to flush oil to the surface and overcome declines in production at fields such as Rumaila, West Qurna, Zubair and Majnoon.

While the Islamist insurgency has hit oil exports from Iraq’s northern pipeline, the southern oilfields have not been affected by Baghdad’s fight with the Islamic Staet of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

But the shortage of water is hurting production at two main southern fields: West Qurna-1 and Zubair, official and industry sources told Reuters.

Further production declines from both mature fields look likely if water scarcity persists, the sources said...


Kenya warns of mosque closures

Youth arrested during the Masjid Musa operation are escorted by security forces to court in Shanzu, Mombasa (file photo).

A senior security official has warned that Kenya would close down mosques that are suspected of radicalizing youths into extremist groups like al-Shabaab, Kenya’s The Standard reported Sunday (September 14th).

Director of the Criminal Investigations Department Ndegwa Muhoro said the government closed down a mosque in Machakos where more than 30 youths were arrested while being recruited by al-Shabaab, adding that such mosques are cropping up in the Coast region.

“We have information that these mosques are coming up in regions where young men and women are being recruited to join al-Shabaab. The government will make sure that they are immediately closed down as they are contributing in increasing crime in the country,” he said...


Greenfield: Hillary: I Forgave Bill Just Like Blacks Forgave South Africa

In an interview with Psychologies magazine, she said she was inspired by Nelson Mandela’s ability to forgive.


Sweden’s Social Democrats want cross-party help to counter ‘far-right’ threat

Expressen’s black cover with the number of Sweden Democrat voters on it - 781,120 - expresses the shock of the MSM in Sweden and the extreme dislike of the party by the “elites”

(Reuters) - Sweden’s Social Democrats called on Wwednesday for centre-right parties to help it isolate the “far-right” anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats who have threatened to sink a left-leaning government budget and potentially force a new election.

The centre-left won Sunday’s general election but fell short of a majority in parliament with the Sweden Democrats, who want to slash immigration by 90 percent, holding the balance of power in parliament.

Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Akesson said his party, which shocked many in the country by winning 13 percent of Sunday’s vote, did not rule out supporting an alternative budget to that put forward by a new centre-left government, which the Social Democrats would lead.

Akesson’s statement was seen by many observers as the newly powerful Sweden Democrats trying to flex their muscles in public, although few think the far right would immediately risk sparking another election...


Evening photo: Utah desert

Skyline Rim near Factory Butte provides incredible, expansive views of the deserts of eastern Utah. The Henry Mountains offer a stout backdrop.

Photo: Brandon Jolley, BLM Rangeland Management Specialist


Emir assures Merkel Qatar doesn’t fund extremists in Syria, Iraq

The comments came after Tamim was asked about a German politician’s comments last month suggesting that Qatar has played a role in funding militants belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

(Reuters) - Qatar’s ruler Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani told German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Wednesday that his country does not finance any terrorist organisations in Syria or Iraq and has never done so.

“What is happening in Iraq and Syria is extremism and such organisations are partly financed from abroad, but Qatar has never supported and will never support terrorist organizations,” he told a news conference with Merkel.

Merkel said the emir had assured her his country’s security was also at stake in the fight against Islamic State militants, and she had “no reason not to believe what the emir said.”

* * *
I don’t believe him for a minute.


Vienna imam tried over teen jihadists

The imam of a Vienna mosque told the District Criminal Court on Tuesday he had nothing to do with the disappearance of two young girls who left Austria in April to fight in Syria's civil war.

“I have never seen the girls,” said the imam, who goes by the name Ebu Tejma.

The tabloid daily – Österreich - claimed the 15 and 16 year-old girls of Bosnian origin were “driven” to the so-called holy war in Syria by the imam, who preaches a particularly radical form of Salafism at the Altun-Alem mosque in Vienna’s second district.

The 32 year-old preacher has gone so far as to file a legal complaint against the media for misrepresentation.

“There are no facilities for women in our mosque. There is no place for women,” he told Judge Gerald Wagner.

The newspaper has “totally ruined my reputation. I have never spoken to the girls. My name has been dragged through the mud”...


Saudi religious police chief: I have more powers than ministers

Dr. Abdullatif Al al-Sheikh added he would not have had these powers in the past but now the situation is different. (Al Arabiya)

The chief of Saudi Arabia’s religious police, officially known as the Commission of the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, said he possesses powers that ministers do not have.

Dr. Abdullatif Al al-Sheikh added he would not have had these powers in the past but now the situation is different.

He noted that there are 20 members within the religious police organization working against him but that some of them had been dismissed and he is working on the removal of others.

Sheikh told reporters during his visit to Madinah to attend a meeting of religious police members who work as translators that he can fire any commission employee if the need arises.

Replying to a question on how the religious police arrests criminals who use social media to carry out their activities, Sheikh said: “Try to violate the laws yourself on social media and you’ll see how”...


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